International Student Online Course Exception

Request Permission To Take Multiple Courses Online

Under “normal” circumstances, F-1 international students may only take 1 online class per major semester to count toward full time enrollment. Full-time enrollment is at least 12 hours for undergraduate students and at least 9 hours for graduate students. However, due to current circumstances in the global pandemic caused by COVID-19, DHS has allowed universities to make adjustments for students to attend more than 1 online class to count toward full time enrollment if needed.

Although HCU has made efforts to return to as close to normal operations as possible, we recognize that we can do our best to offer optimal flexibility to our international students and follow current DHS guidance.

If you need to take less than 9 hours on campus (undergraduate students) or less than 6 hours on campus (graduate students), please complete the form below, and the International Office will work with you to help you meet your academic requirements, health needs, and follow immigration regulation.

  • (e.g. Fall 2021)