Counseling Services for the Houston Area Community

In case of emergency, see Crisis, Emergency and Veteran Resources.

Training Clinic

People from all faiths/spiritual backgrounds are welcome.

Services are provided by Gideon Institute interns, who are graduate students completing their degrees in our MACC and MACP programs.  All graduate student interns are under the supervision of the Gideon Counseling Center director, licensed therapists, and Gideon Institute faculty.  Clients benefit from low-cost, high quality counseling services while our graduate student interns gain experience in providing Christian psychological services.

For training and supervision purposes, counseling and testing services are video-recorded with client consent. Video-recordings are kept in secure, HIPAA compliant physical and electronic locations along with all other clinic records.  Recordings are only viewed by our graduate student interns and their supervisors.

Individual Sessions – Adults, Couples, and Children (ages 10+)

Individual sessions – Space Available end of January

(We update our status when we have appointments available – check back often) 

Gideon Institute Interns provide individual sessions:

  • In-Person appointments
  • Online appointments to Houston Area residents
  • First appointment (assessment) must be in person
  • By appointment only
  • Based on availability
  • Counseling Fees

Support Groups

Free Support Groups meet weekly.

Christ-centered Step Study for Addiction – Must have at least 4 participants to start.  Contact us if interested.

Have an idea for a support group?  Let us know your idea.  Must have at least 4 participants to start.


Check back for upcoming workshops.

Have an idea for a workshop? Contact us.

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