Academic Offerings and Procedures for the Fall

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

The Husky Strong Task Force (HSTF) and its sub-committees have been working diligently to identify best practices for on-campus academic offerings in the fall given the ongoing COVID-19 situation. Due to the unfolding nature of the virus and its societal and economic ramifications, the strategy and procedures offered at this date are subject to change.

The HSTF has collectively compiled a number of likelihoods moving into the fall:

Hybrid Model

Most undergraduate courses at HCU will be offered in a hybrid delivery model. In order to reduce population density and meet social distancing standards, each class will be split into two sub-sections (group A, group B), with half of the class meeting residentially with the instructor on one day and the other half meeting residentially on the other. The students not meeting residentially will watch the lecture, discussion, etc. remotely via a recording of the class session. Each instructor operating in this model will record the class period and upload the recording to be accessed by students later in the day. While livestreaming each class period has been discussed thoroughly, unique technical challenges have been identified that make recording each session and uploading post-class a more feasible strategy. For those classes that follow a M/W/F schedule, Friday class periods will be offered remotely either through recorded lecture, video meeting, discussion board or the like. Faculty will be provided training sessions throughout the summer as well as during the Faculty Symposium in the fall to ensure successful follow through with this hybrid model. Graduate courses and courses that meet one day a week will meet as usual in a larger space that will be able to accommodate the entirety of the class while maintaining distancing standards. Unique courses such as clinical, internships, etc. will be addressed individually according to the class requirements. Courses that regularly meet only online will continue in this modality.

Capacity and Classroom Layout

All classrooms have been reviewed by the Husky Strong Task Force with proper social distancing in mind. As classes in the fall will be conducted in the aforementioned hybrid modality, with half of the class learning remotely and the other half residentially, 50% or less of each classroom’s capacity will be utilized during any given class period. Each classroom’s capacity has been temporarily adjusted to fit the new modality with further protocols employed to meet safety standards.

Proper Personal Distancing and Hygiene Protocols

HCU standards and protocols, as recommended by the CDC and State of Texas, will be laid out clearly to both faculty and students concerning internal classroom interaction, the wearing of personal protection equipment (PPE), student-teacher meetings, classroom materials, cleaning and sanitizing classrooms and work stations, and so forth. All faculty and students will be expected to abide by these protocols for the safety of the entire HCU community.

Requirements for Non-Traditional Classrooms, Labs, and Studios

For classes that require non-traditional instruction or work including labs and studios where some level of close physical proximity must take place, separate guidelines will be established utilizing direct information from chairs, directors, and deans and approved by the HSTF. These guidelines will still be robust in their formation and employment to ensure the safety of students and faculty.


Students and faculty who are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 will be required to self-report to either their professor or their supervisor (i.e. department chair, director or dean) and will be asked to quarantine as necessary. The remote hybrid model allows students the ability to complete course work online as needed. Students who are at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19 should be given the option by the faculty member to take the course in a wholly remote modality as needed. Faculty members who are at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19 according to CDC guidelines and who have concerns about teaching in person this fall are asked to contact Human Resources Director Jill Strutton ( for further consideration.

More information will be shared with the faculty as it becomes available. Thank you for your patience, your hard work, and your prayers for the entire HCU community, our nation, and our world as we move forward in this new reality. We will continue to strive toward our collective goal of offering high-quality educational experiences and opportunities for our students while making Christ known to the world.