Guidelines for Linda Dunham School of Nursing

Archived Material – this page applied to 2020-21 academic year only

Simulation Laboratory

Student will:

  1. Complete the clinical waiver form before attending any off-campus clinical/internship experience.
  2. Complete the health assessment screening questionnaire and record their temperature, which will be taken outside the lab each day before entering. *Do not come to the skills lab or anywhere on campus or to the clinical if temperature is above 100.4.
  3. Provide their own face mask for any on-campus activities including meetings and labs.
  4. Practice skills using their own supplies purchased in the nursepack kit purchased at the beginning of the program unless directed otherwise.
  5. Partner with one student at the beginning of the semester to practice core competency and health assessment skills for the entire semester.
  6. Video record partner assessments (cell phone is okay) and send them to faculty for evaluation.
  7. Thoroughly clean all non-disposable equipment space used for the lab according to the published guidelines, and dispose of the cleaning materials properly in designated receptacles.
  8. Maintain appropriate distance while performing required skills. If it is necessary to touch your simulation lab partner, then students must wear the required PPE.
  9. Remain in the assigned simulation lab area or assigned space until dismissed.

After verifying that students have completed the screening and temperature assessment, Faculty will:

  1. Separate nondisposable items for simulation lab sessions along with cleaning materials into boxes—one box for each group.
  2. Deploy each box to a distant location in and around the simulation lab area, including unused classrooms and faculty offices.
  3. “Round” on students in each area during the designated class time to answer questions and verify students’ accuracy in skills and procedure. Appropriate PPE is required.
  4. Dismiss students from the area after verifying that proper cleaning of space and nondisposable equipment was performed, and after verifying that disposal equipment and cleaning materials are properly managed.
  5. Oversee the cleaning of the simulation manikins according to manufacturers’ guidelines.
  6. Collect boxes of nondisposable items used for each class and return to the simulation lab for inspection and further cleaning before next use.