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HCU Password Requirements

As of September 27, 2017 HCU updated the password standards for all users campus network login (aka HCU One Login) to a new 12-Character Password Policy.  Your HCU One Login and password act as your passport to the campus network and many university applications.  The new password standards will adhere to more complexity which improves overall information security.

The following new password requirements will apply:

The new password policy will require a minimum 12-Character password instead of the current 8 character standard, and a complexity of 3 of the 4 groups listed below.

  • At least one upper case character.
  • At least one lower case character.
  • At least one special character. (ex: !@#&*%)
  • At least one number.
  • Must be a minimum of 12 characters.
  • No spaces are allowed in passwords.
  • Passwords will expire every 365 days and you will be warned 2 weeks prior to expiration.
  • As a general reminder it is not a good practice to use personal information as part of your password.  This means do not use things like birthdate, street address, family names (e.g.,  siblings/parents/children/pet), graduation year or other information easily found via public access or the Internet.

ExampleThis will no longer work:  Husky

ExampleThis works: HuskiesAre#1

This example password uses 3 of 4 password characteristics (Upper, Lower, Number)

Example – This works better: Husk!es4L!f3

This is better because it uses all four (4) password characteristics and there isn’t a dictionary definable word embedded in it.