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HCU Mobile App

Ellucian Go is the HCU mobile app that will help you stay connected. You will have access to great features that share the information you need on the go.

App Features

  • Access course information and grades
  • Access HCU Social Media
  • View Student Balance
  • Registration Notifications
  • Class Registration
  • Links to key University Sites and Services
    • University Store
    • Campus Dining
    • Campus Map
    • Moody Library
    • Directory
    • Athletics
    • Police
    • MyPrint
    • The Pillars
    • Weather


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Installation Instructions

For Apple iOS
For Android

Supported Devices

  • Apple devices running iOS 5.0 or later
  • Androids version 2.3.0 or later
  • Kindle Fire version 6.3 or later

Questions about the App

Q: How do I sign in?

A: You will use your HCU OneLogIn credentials to access HCU Mobile App. Your HCU OneLogin credentials are your username and password, just like when accessing the HCU Portal (

Q: How much is the app?

A: The app is free and available on iTunes, Google Play Store, and Amazon (Kindle Fire).

Q: I can’t see my grades. What should I do?

A: If you are unable to view your grades it may be due to a hold on your account. Please review ‘Notifications’ for registration holds.

Q: In registration, how do I select a course?

A: You can use the Search feature by selecting the term and entering the course rubric or rubric and course number, for example, BIOL/CHRI, CISM or BIOL 1414. Select the course from the Search results and “Add to Cart”. Then go to the “Cart” and select your new course and “Register”. You will be asked for your PIN and select “OK”.

Q: How do I view courses that I am currently registered for?

A: In Registration, select the “Registered” option to view your courses for the current term.

Q: I tried to register but I received an error stating that I am ineligible for registration. What should I do?

A: Check for registration holds by going to the “Notifications” section.

Q: What will I find in Notifications?

A: Notifications is where you will be able to view any registration related holds on your student record. All registration holds must be cleared with the appropriate office prior to registration.

Q: What does Student Balance view tell me?

A: Student Balance is where you can view your current balance along with any recent payments that have been made.

Need App Help?

If you are experiencing any problems with the app, please contact the HCU ITS helpdesk by going to and creating a self-service ticket.