Spring 2022 Cohort


Bessy Banegas
2023 Finance

“My career goal is to work for a company that with values that align with that of the community and environment .”

Marissa Campise
2022 Marketing

“In the next 5 years, I see myself settled into my career in the real estate field in Houston.”

Luis Cardona
2022 Electrical Engineering

“I want to be able to work with people and be able to find the solution to a problem that has yet to be resolved.”

I’munique Hill
2022 Computer Science

“My career goals are to expand on my web development skills to build different websites and organize data for different small companies and projects.”

Nadine Ineza
2023 Computer Science

“I see myself producing products that increases the efficiency of current software, brings joy to users, and protects consumers’ privacy online.”

Christopher Lamb
2022 Electrical Engineering

” I want to advance in an innovative company with strong leadership and seek mentorship from more senior members”

Stephen Mukuria
2023 Cyber Engineering

“With my career I would like to be able to play a role in making technology decisions and helping businesses operate more effectively and safely.”

Sunny Orencia
2024 Accounting

“I intend on attending law school. I would like to use both my CPA license and law degree in order to pursue corporate law or patent law.”

Jennifer Ortiz
2023 Education EC-6

“I hope to fulfill my passion for teaching at a elementary school but at the same time strive to learn and become involved in the marketing area.”

Irma Pineda
2022 Marketing

” I want to be able to assist and guide in efforts related to building and maintaining important relationships between businesses and consumers.”

Leul Tefera
2023 Theology

“I plan to start other businesses, mostly digital, beside my current company. I also plan to land a software engineering job at one of the top tech companies.”

Alice Tougouma
2021 International Business

“My goals are to learn a variety of areas within the field of International Business and work towards a specialization in Economics, Finance, or Marketing.”