Career and Calling: This Month

Career and Calling: This Month

ReunionDiscovering Your Calling

What is my calling? Is it the same or different than career? How can I find my calling? These are all questions posed daily in The Office of Career and Calling. The office has developed a Road Map that can be used to supplement academic learning. A sort of “checklist” of networking, résumé writing, interviewing, teambuilding, leadership, time management, public speaking, and more are listed and organized for HCU students to consider. The Career Roadmap consists of specific milestones that freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, and graduate students should be looking to accomplish during each school year.

For example:

  • As a Freshman – Develop your networking and team-building skills by joining a Student Organization on campus that is aligned with your faith, interests, or major (plus 17 more tips online)
  • As a Sophomore – Begin researching your major and related career interests and decipher whether you will need to attend graduate school (plus 22 more)
  • As a Junior – Start transitioning away from Work-Study jobs to pursuing specific paid internships & full/part-time jobs that are in your field(s) of interest (plus 19 more)
  • As a Senior – Schedule an appointment with the Office of Career and Calling staff to discuss your job search strategy in order to ensure you are on the right path (plus 20 more)

Start the process of discovering your calling by dropping by our office: Hinton Center101/108.

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