Elite Dance Team



We are more than the average dance team……. we are ELITE! We break barriers, think outside the box, and leave you wanting more.  Elite dance team is more than an athletic team, we are a family. A family that grows together academically, physically, and spiritually. As we continue to grow we never forget to serve and give back to the HCU community and the community around us. We serve in various capacities, whether it is helping at the Houston Food Bank, serving the elderly at their senior luncheon with the Fort Bend County Police, or performing at HCU and local schools to increase school spirit. Follow us on Instagram (@elitedance_team) and fill out this interest form for more information and how to join.

Elite Commitment & Support

To be a part of the Elite Dance Team, it takes commitment. Commitment to excellence, commitment to growth, and a commitment to accountability. Support is always needed to make the Elite Dance Team thrive. If you would like to support the Elite Dance Team, check out a way you can make it happen!

    • Calendar Commitment: Elite Dance Team requires a one calendar year commitment (Fall + Spring semesters). Typically August 1st-December 15th (Fall Semester) & January 7th-May 13th (Spring Semester).
    • Practices & Performances: Throughout each semester practices and performances will be established based on scheduling. All practices and performances are expected to be attended.
    • Service and Community Building: It is expected that all Elite members participate in service opportunities that the team will put together and with community building activities within the organization.
    • Elite Commitment Deposit: $100 commitment deposit due 2 weeks from your selection date. This deposit is non-refundable if you do not complete at least one year of commitment. It is only asked for the first year of your commitment to the Elite Dance Team.  If you should continue on as a member of Elite for a second year, the Commitment deposit will be added toward your sponsorship fees.
    • Sponsorship: The Elite Dance Team is recognized as a student organization on campus, so all fund raising is up to the members of Elite. Yearly sponsorship needed for: uniforms, poms, travel, etc. is $300 that may be raised or personally funded. This fee can be split up over the 6-month calendar year to bring the fee to $50 a month. It may be paid in lump sum or in advance but can’t be less than $50 a month.
    • Fundraising: Elite host a maximum of 2 fundraisers per semester on campus.
    • Volunteers: If you have a compassion to serve; we need you. Elite is always looking for volunteers to help with game day operations, community service, fundraisers, competitions, performances, academics, personal training, choreography, audio, videography, and photography. Any of your skills can be used to help Elite become better women.
    • Sponsorship: If you would like to make a financial contribution to the team, you can do so at Give to HCU.  Be sure to identify Elite Dance Team as the recipient.
    • Donations: We gladly appreciate any donation or contributions being made in preparations to make Elite successful. Donations can include but not limit to: bottled water, game day meals, healthy snacks, dance clothes, old costumes, travel, props, team storage facility, monetary gifts, practice facility, etc

    We appreciate all of our sponsors, donors, and volunteers for making Elite a success!


Upcoming Events

Elite Auditions

August 6th from 4:00-7:00 PM in Dillon II (inside Hinton). Pre-register @elitedance_team

Members & Structure


Position Description:

  • Represents the team on and off the field
  • Attends student org trainings and meetings
  • Leads the team choreography and oversees practices
  • Books rooms and practice locations
  • Records demerit/merit system

Elite in Action