We’ve Moved.

Only figuratively, of course.

Our beautiful and tight-knit campus is staying right where it’s located and we aren’t leaving. That said, as Houston Christian University remains committed to accurately epitomizing our student body and community, it’s time to move on from HBU.edu.

We are now starting to use HC.edu.

Houston Christian University remains dedicated to its core convictions and ideals. This is the next step as our University continues to open its arms to embrace students seeking a holistic and empowering Christian education.

What’s Changing Right Now?

During the migration from HBU.edu to HC.edu, most public-facing web pages will be moved. This process also includes renaming all text references from “HBU” and “Houston Baptist University,” with the exception of historical news and content.

Please note that ALL existing links to HBU.edu will be redirected to HC.edu and continue to function normally for the foreseeable future.

What’s Changing Later? 

Subsites And Web Apps

There are many subsites, web applications and other web-based systems we are continuing to work on. The process of migrating all of these subsites may take a year or more.

For now, expect to use the same addresses for:

  • Portal a.k.a. Sharepoint (my.HBU.edu)
  • Slate (apply.HBU.edu)
  • Banner (huskynet.HBU.edu and others)
  • Encompass a.k.a. (www.connect.HBU.edu)
  • Blackboard (hbu.blackboard.com)


This migration will not update email addresses. Those changes will come soon. For now, continue to use your email addresses that end in “@hbu.edu.”

Steps are being taken to prevent any disruptions as we move forward with this process. However, we apologize for any potential interference as the migration is completed.

If you experience any interruptions on the website, please submit a website ticket request.