Fitness Programs

Boost your physical well-being with the Bradshaw Fitness Center at HCU.

Our Amenities Include:

  • State-of-the-art Exercise Center
  • Strength Equipment and Free Weights
  • Cardiovascular Fitness Equipment
  • Fitness Coaches and Personal Trainers
  • CrossFit Altus Room
  • Group Exercise Studio
  • Basketball Court
  • Pilates Studio
  • 25-yard Indoor Lap Pool
  • Exercise Class Pool
  • Warm Water Therapy Pool
  • Whirlpool
  • Steam Room & Dry Sauna
  • Indoor Running/Walking Track
  • Daily Lockers
  • Free Parking
  • Fresh Vending Refreshment Machines
  • Meditation Garden

Fitness Program Details

  • Aquatic fitness classes are for any age and fitness level. The water buoyancy is great for those individuals who are unable to exercise on land due to orthopedic issues.


    • Body Sculpting through Aquatics Training
    • Balance Training in the Water
    • Aquatic/Older Adult Training
    • Flexibility and Strength Training
    • Weight Management
    • Decrease back pain
    • Reduced injuries
    • Reduction in knees, hip, and foot pain

    Classes offered 

    GroupX Schedule

    GroupX Descriptions

  • Aquatics
    Cathe Crosswhite
    Gladys Saravia

    CrossFit Altus
    Darrin Bruhn
    Josh Dunn

    Victor Sirias

    Personal Trainers
    Cathe Crosswhite
    Jason Grafe
    Danny Vanaphan

    Katherine Krause, Yoga
    Samuel Wilson, Yoga
    Danny Vanaphan, Pilates Training (Cadillac, Mat Science, Reformer)

  • Whether you’re seeking a better body, or aiming to function and perform more efficiently in your daily activities, Danny can guide you there! His commitment is to empower his clients to be in control of their well-being, as they will look and feel their best after giving their health the attention it deserves. He will help you reach your goals with a combination of innovative and diverse workouts, all tailored to your individual needs and abilities.

    Danny holds a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology-Exercise Science from the University of Houston. He is a certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the nationally accredited NSCA, a Rehab Exercise Specialist through PFIT, as well as a USA Weightlifting Certified Sports Performance Coach. In addition, he is also a Certified Flexibility Specialist through the Stretch to Win Institute in Tempe, AZ, and certified in the Pilates method through the Physical Mind Institute in New York. Danny’s background allows his clients to be assured of a complete and optimal approach to improving their performance in sports, fitness, and life.

    If you’ve ever considered kicking your workout into high gear, our Fitness Boot Camp is an ideal option for you. This results-driven conditioning program is conducted in an indoor/outdoor environment, utilizing a military-style format and the most progressive, innovative and creative fitness exercises.

    All classes must have a minimum of 8 participants.
    Please bring water, a towel and a mat to class.


    • Burn Body Fat and Weight Loss
    • Prevention/Recover from Injuries
    • Reduce Stress and Increase Mental/Physical Energy
    • Overall Healthier Lifestyle


    • 4 Weeks
    • M,W,F
    • 6:00 – 6:50 a.m.

    Monthly Fee:

    • Members: $159 3x per week
    • Nonmembers: $185 3x per week

    For more information, please call Danny Vanaphan at 832-859-0664 or email at

  • “CrossFit itself is defined as that which optimizes fitness (constantly varied functional movements performed at relatively high intensity). CrossFit is also the community that spontaneously arises when people do these workouts together”- Courtesy of CrossFit, Inc.

    This program allows you to work with barbells, kettle bells, dumbbells, slam balls, medicine balls, etc. The daily workouts can be modified for those new to the program. Our classes are limited to 15 participants, giving you the attention you need from your coach.

    Outside of the class, our coaches are available for 1-1 training, and are eager to help you learn the basics or reach a new personal record (PR). The time to act is now! Join the Revolution!

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    Questions? Interested in signing up?
    (281) 649-3505

    Learn more about CrossFit Altus >>

  • The Pilates reformer is great for individuals who are seeking to achieve core stability and improve postural alignment.  Both the equipment and the exercises can be modified and adjusted to any body, which makes it perfect for those looking to tone up, rehab from an injury, train for a particular hobby or sport, or for those looking for low impact, full body workout. Reservations only, please email

    Member Price
    Pilates Reformer
    (Group Sessions)
    Single Session
    Package of 6
    Package of 12