Membership Agreement


Membership at the HCU-Bradshaw Fitness Center required a one-time enrollment fee paid upon joining and monthly membership dues. Membership can be canceled with a 30-day written notice after the completion of an existing contract.

To initiate membership, an enrollment fee and the first month’s dues are required at sign-up.
Membership application must be accompanied by full enrollment and a prorated portion of the first month’s dues. The following month, membership dues will be collected by EFT unless yearly dues are paid in full.

Upon acceptance of the member application by the HCU-Bradshaw Fitness Center, the undersigned shall receive membership privileges and agrees to abide by all guidelines and policies of the Center. These policies and guidelines are subject to change when deemed necessary and reasonable and in the best interests of members and the Center. I understand the enrollment fee is a one-time-only charge if I maintain membership and must be included with my completed application. However, if I discontinue my membership and wish to rejoin, I will again be subject to the membership enrollment fee.


Except as described below, the initial payment of membership enrollment fees and monthly dues are not refundable. I may cancel this Membership Agreement for any reason at any time prior to midnight of the third business day after the date on which the first service under the agreement is available. If the facility or services that are the subject of the agreement are not available when I sign the Agreement, I may cancel the Agreement at an time prior to midnight of the seventh business day after the date on which the first service under the agreement is available.

I understand that a prorated portion of my monthly membership fee will be refunded, according to the policies of the HCU-Bradshaw Fitness Center if I terminate my membership due to my death or disability.

By signing my membership application, I hereby acknowledge receiving orally my rights of cancellation and the required duplicate notice of cancellation form.


I understand that although the Center’s facilities, equipment, services and programs are designed to provide a safe level of beneficial exercise and enjoyment, there is an inherent risk that use of such facilities, equipment, services and programs may result in injury. Therefore, I hereby agree to specifically assume all risk of personal injury while using any of the Center’s facilities, equipment, services or programs, and I hereby waive any and all claims or actions may have, or my heirs and employees, as a result of injury or death. The risks include, but are not limited to: 1) Injuries arising from my use of any exercise equipment, machines and facilities. 2) Injuries arising from my participation in supervised or unsupervised activities and programs in the swimming pools or on the running tracks, gymnasium, courts, exercise rooms, patios, outdoor activity areas or any other areas of the Center. 3) Injuries or medical disorders resulting from exercising including but not limited to: heart attack, stroke, heat stress, sprains, broken bones and torn or otherwise injured muscles or ligaments. 4) Accidental injuries within the facilities including but not limited to, the locker rooms, steam rooms, whirlpool, sauna, showers dressing rooms, cafe or any other areas of the Center.


COVID-19 Warning and Waiver


By signing this Member Application, I acknowledge that my membership will renew automatically each month until I provide 30-day written notice of my intention to terminate my membership.

  • I agree to make all payments in accordance with the agreed upon payment schedule.
  • I have received a completed copy of the Membership Application, and the HCU-Bradshaw Fitness Center Policy and Procedure Manual is accessible online.
  • I have been advised orally of my rights of cancellation.
  • I acknowledge the existence and the need for Rules and Regulations including those governing the use of the Center’s Regulations as outlines in “Policy and Procedure Manual” and to amendments or additions to them.
  • I agree and understand it is my responsibility to inform the staff or any changes in my health or medical status.


After the completion of an existing contract, the HCU-Bradshaw Fitness Center requires 30-day written notice from the member to terminate membership. This notice may be submitted by certified letter or by completing the Center’s cancellation form at the HCU-Bradshaw Fitness Center only.