A Baptist Nursing School or a Christian Nursing School? A Baptist Nursing Program Is a Christian Nursing Program

Houston Christian University (formerly Houston Baptist University) is an excellent college for anyone seeking a Baptist nursing program at a Baptist nursing school. Our university retains a cooperative relationship with the Baptist General Convention of Texas (Texas Baptists) and we offer a Christian nursing education that emphasizes Christian values and holistic care. Our Christian nursing school offers numerous nursing bachelor’s and master’s degrees:

Baptist Nursing School: A Distinct Approach to Nursing Education

Nursing is a noble profession that requires dedication, compassion, and strong clinical skills. For students seeking a nursing education grounded in faith and service, a Baptist nursing school offers a unique environment and learning experience. The name for a Baptist nursing school highlights the religious affiliation and mission that sets these programs apart from other nursing schools. Similarly, a Baptist nursing program emphasizes the tailored curriculum and training students receive at these institutions.

At their core, a Baptist nursing school integrates Christian values and beliefs into the nursing curriculum. Students take typical nursing courses in anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, and more, while also studying the Bible and how faith intersects with healthcare. Classes emphasize treating patients with dignity, empathy, and a servant’s heart. The goal is to graduate nurses who provide excellent clinical care rooted in compassion.

Additionally, a Baptist nursing school focuses heavily on mission work and community outreach. Students in a Baptist nursing program frequently participate in medical mission trips, volunteer at clinics, and assist underserved populations. By spending time in communities in need, they learn to adapt their care to different cultural contexts. This distinguishes Baptist-educated nurses as socially conscious and cognizant of healthcare disparities.

The Baptist nursing program approach is hands-on, asking students to apply lessons from the classroom and put faith into action. Rigorous coursework develops clinical competency, while volunteer opportunities build character and leadership. Through a mix of high-quality academics, Christian values, and service opportunities, Baptist nursing schools graduate knowledgeable and compassionate nurses prepared to meet healthcare needs. Their faith-based education emphasizes patient dignity, cultural awareness, and healthcare as ministry.

HCU’s Biblical Principles for Nursing Education and Care

HCU is a Christian university, and the Linda Dunham School of Nursing educates students to show the same care, compassion and global impact shown by Jesus. As a Christian nursing school, HCU focuses on the importance of treating the whole patient—and teaching the whole student. Both nursing and kinesiology students benefit from small classes with experienced, dedicated faculty who know our students by name and help them grow through a holistic approach that focuses on:

  • Mind – the curriculum is integrated with general studies for a total University experience.
  • Body – our students gain hundreds of hours of hands-on clinical experience in top-level hospitals, in our on-campus simulation lab and through the Bradshaw Fitness Center.
  • Spirit – our students are organized into cohorts that form strong bonds as they take classes together and mentor each other through the Nursing Student Association. Prayer and Bible studies are available for students who wish to participate.

Our Baptist Heritage Is Our Christian Heritage

While the University’s founding was recommended by actions of the Union Baptist Association in 1952, it has remained autonomous and is not owned or controlled by any denomination. The University shares a cooperative relationship with the Baptist General Convention of Texas (Texas Baptists). In addition, the University enjoys a fraternal relationship with the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention.

While we value and draw from our Baptist heritage, our faculty and students represent a range of evangelical traditions and denominations. The University’s mission and core convictions, which we call The Ten Pillars 2030, are rooted in the authoritative Word of God and our central confession, “Jesus Christ is Lord.”

However, for more than 60 years, we have embraced students of all faiths (or none). The cultural and religious diversity of our student body demonstrates that our biblical hospitality of Christian charity and open dialog creates a welcoming and supportive atmosphere. Thus, we welcome anyone who would wishes to study in any of our programs.

Since we are unashamedly a Christian university, all students—regardless of religious background—engage the Bible and core Christian beliefs, and all students are expected to abide by university guidelines, including attendance at spiritual life events and regular chapel services.

As leaders in Christian education, we seek to serve as an intellectual and spiritual compass guided by our faith, illuminating a path of personal and professional growth for our students. Our enriching experience welcomes students into a Christian community that sparks continued discernment and exploration of our biblical worldview without compromising our values. Our holistic approach and biblical worldview to integrating faith and education teaches each of us to communicate our core convictions with assuredness.