BA in Kinesiology Sport Management

Pursue careers related to how the science of movement informs sports enterprises.

Houston Christian University’s (HCU) Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Kinesiology Sport Management degree program propels passionate individuals into the exhilarating professional realm of sports. By merging comprehensive kinesiology foundations with key business and management principles related to the sports industry, we prepare you for an array of in-demand career paths.

Against the backdrop of multiple professional and college-level sports teams here in Houston, as a Kinesiology Sport Management major, you benefit from our industry connections and hands-on experiences through internships and projects with sports organizations.

Whether you aim to become a sports marketer, event coordinator, facility manager, or pursue careers in sports analytics, athlete representation, or beyond, at HCU, small class sizes, personalized academic and career coaching, and lively campus life equip you with the knowledge, skills, and network to achieve your professional dreams.

Kinesiology Sport Management Major Requirements

To obtain your Kinesiology Sport Management degree, you complete core courses that provide a solid foundation for understanding the complexities of the sports and fitness industries. Along with coursework in the sciences and sports administration, we offer an integrated internship program where you can gain a full year’s worth of real-world experience in the sports industry.

This program also allows you to become an active member of our campus community, creating memories and connections in a variety of sports settings. This well-rounded approach ensures you can pursue further academic training and leadership roles in any field related to sports or business. Position yourself to lead and innovate with a journey that transcends traditional education.

Degree Plan

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Kinesiology and Sports Business Courses

The Kinesiology Sport Management degree concentration offers a flexible curriculum with a diverse range of electives. The faculty members are knowledgeable and adaptable, staying up-to-date with the latest trends and future directions in sports while also implementing best practices at the intersection of physical health and the businesses that support and facilitate sports for recreation or entertainment.

Key courses in the BA in Kinesiology and Sport Management degree program include:

  • Foundations of Kinesiology
  • Strategies and Principles of Coaching
  • Sports Facility and Event Management
  • Sports, Entertainment, and Event Marketing
  • Tests and Measurements in Kinesiology

Kinesiology Minor

If you choose a different major program, adding a minor in Kinesiology can add perspectives on physical, mental, and social health and knowledge of the healing properties of movement.

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What Can I Do With a BA in Kinesiology Sport Management From Houston Christian University?

Imagine orchestrating the next blockbuster sports event, guiding a major sports brand to new heights with razor-sharp marketing strategies, or being the force behind the scenes of a professional sports team’s success. This program doesn’t just open doors; it breaks them down, offering a springboard into roles that confront the day-to-day business of sports and fitness organizations.

Develop an understanding of the unlimited career directions possible with a sports management education, from going on to master’s degrees in sports management or related fields to working beyond the sports industry, like analytics and operations.

Career Outcomes

Graduates of our BA in Kinesiology Sport Management degree program typically find success with sports organizations at the professional and collegiate level, fitness facilities, and organizations that run sports programming, like youth programs and schools.

Roles with a degree in kinesiology and sports management can include:

  • Event Coordinator for Athletic Competitions
  • Player Agent Representative
  • Sports Analytics Specialist
  • Sports Facility Operator or Manager
  • Sports Marketing Analyst or Manager

By building a practical toolkit and internship experience in multiple aspects of sports, including management, facilities operations, press relations, marketing, advertising, and sales, you prepare for entry-level roles in these areas as well as for further education in kinesiology and exercise physiology, business administration, law, and more.

Salaries With a Specialization in Kinesiology and Sport Management

The field of sports management is not just vibrant and growing but also rewarding. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), entertainment and sports occupations are growing faster than average from 2022-2032, with an additional notable increase in fitness and recreational sports sectors through 2028.

Graduates with business management skills, particularly in sports and recreation, are well-positioned for success. Managers in entertainment and recreation settings like professional sports venues can expect average yearly salaries of $67,220, while careers in athlete representation agencies boast averages of $120,100. Furthermore, advancing to professional programs or graduate studies, such as law, opens the door to even higher salaries, highlighting the financial benefits of a career in sports management.

Opportunities for Kinesiology Sport Management Majors

Network With Professionals

With career growth at the forefront of the sports management program, find unrivaled access to direct connections with industry experts, courtesy of our faculty’s vast experiences in sports and athletics and their expansive professional and collegiate networks in Houston and all of Texas. These experts also are part of our Master of Science in Kinesiology graduate program, which produces excellent graduates who go on to sports management careers.

Under close mentorship by these expert faculty, your curriculum features a course on research methods in kinesiology, equipping you with skills in writing research reports and creating impactful papers. These abilities are essential for graduate education and excelling in management positions within the sports industry.

Internships and Field Experience

Dive into the heart of the sports world with career-forwarding internship experiences built directly into the Kinesiology and Sport Management major. Whether you’re working behind the scenes at sporting events, engaging with the community at the Bradshaw Fitness Center, or immersing yourself in the vibrant Houston sports scene, these opportunities are your springboard into a thriving career.

This city’s dynamic sports landscape, bustling with professional and college sports teams, offers a wealth of opportunities to connect, learn, and grow. Here, internships and field experiences aren’t just part of your education—they’re your ticket to the inner circle of the sports industry.

Campus Support and Involvement

Enveloped in a metropolitan campus buzzing with engagement, support, and opportunity, HCU’s athletic community is anchored in multiple clubs and organizations that spark a competitive spirit and fuel your passion. From the Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC) and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes to the Kinesiology Club and a vibrant array of intramural sports, you’re never short of avenues to engage, compete, and grow.

Beyond the field and classroom, our Career and Calling services help you craft an impactful résumé and prepare for interviews that stand out. Here, support is a 360-degree experience—encompassing the personal, academic, and career aspects of your life.

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More Kinesiology Bachelor’s Degrees

Under the School of Nursing, The Department of Kinesiology also reflects the expertise and resources of the College of Business and the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences, leading to multiple career-oriented areas of concentration in addition to the sport management field.

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Admissions and Aid

Take the first step toward a rewarding career in sport management and kinesiology and exercise science at HCU, where we endow academic excellence with real-world relevance. Discover our admissions process, scholarship opportunities, and financial aid options to make your educational journey affordable and impactful.

Become a Kinesiology Sport Management Major at Houston Christian University

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