Department of Kinesiology

Allied health professionals account for a significant portion of the total health workforce. Obtaining a kinesiology degree is the first step to a life devoted to your love of sports and athletics in kinesiology jobs. Kinesiologists who major in health science find meaningful employment using their exercise science degrees.

With four different options, our bachelor’s kinesiology degree programs open the door to many career options in the allied health industries. The Wellness Management option prepares you for jobs and graduate studies in exercise physiology, cardiac rehabilitation, strength and conditioning, fitness training, and other allied health professions. The program is also an excellent choice paired with electives to fulfill prerequisites for physical therapy, occupational therapy and other professional health programs. You will gain valuable experience at Houston Christian University’s Bradshaw Fitness Center.

The Allied Health kinesiology degree is for students who know they want to go on to professional masters or doctoral study in the field of allied health, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, athletic training, nutrition and exercise physiology.

We offer a Sport Management kinesiology degree in which you can learn and experience marketing, law, media and aspects of management in the fields of sport, athletics and fitness. With its many recreation, athletic and sports facilities and teams, Houston is an ideal city to start a career in sport management, and HCU’s Kinesiology department is the ideal place to start your education.

For those interested in teaching at the K-12 levels, HCU also offers a Specialization in Physical Education option through the School of Education and Behavioral Sciences. Contact for more information.

If any of these kinesiology degrees sound attractive to you, learn about the admissions requirements!

Features of Kinesiology

  • Why Our Programs

    Learning in small classes with easily accessible professors in a city that is an ideal starting point for careers in healthcare and sport management

  • What to Expect

    Classes that bridge the gap between learning and doing in a field where you can follow your passion to serve others in a career you love

  • What we Believe

    We believe in serving the whole person, including mind, body and spirit. Our classes serve you as a whole person and prepare you to improve the lives of others by helping them reach their full, whole-person potential. We offer fitness and wellness education for the mind, exercise planning as a prescription for the body, and the knowledge that we can serve the Lord fully by reaching our greatest potential by focusing on and balancing the mind, body and spirit.

  • How You Will Benefit

    You will be fully prepared to enter a career or advanced study in wellness, allied health or sport management (or teach P.E.) in a city filled with opportunity for both, or to take your skills and education anywhere you choose.