Elevate Your Cybersecurity Culture

Introducing the ThriveDX Cybersecurity Essentials Workshop, a 1-Day live training program (remote or in-person) designed to tackle human error by providing your employees with advanced understanding and skills to protect themselves and your organization against the most common cyber threats.

Live training
with a dedicated facilitator

cybersecurity skills training

Continued access
to ThriveDX’s online training

Your Workforce is Your Best Defense

This isn’t your typical awareness training, but a practical, behavior-modifying learning experience that will turn reduce risk company-wide. Your team will:

    • Get familiar with cyber threats and counter defense tools
    • Learn how to keep accounts and credentials safe
    • Understand how to avoid common, yet dangerous threats and malicious scams
    • Have exposure to all NIST 800-50 topics for security training

Continued Learning

In addition to the 1-Day workshop, learners will receive membership to ThriveDX’s online training platform for one year. Cyber threats continue to evolve rapidly, which is why your team needs ongoing access to fresh content around emerging cyber threats, on-demand webinars, and tools to minimize risk and human error.

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Register Today

The ThriveDX Cybersecurity Essentials Workshop at Houston Christian University tackles human error in just one-day. To learn how to enroll your employees in our live training, please contact us at HoustonCyberEd@HC.edu.