Master of Learning, Technology & Design Online
Master of Instructional Design Equivalent

The Master of Science in Learning, Technology, and Design is a 30-hour graduate degree that equips the next generation of instructional designers and digital specialists in a variety of settings with the knowledge and skills necessary to bring transformative leadership to today’s dynamic academic and professional landscapes. This program provides students with highly applicable, authentic learning experiences to prepare for meaningful employment in educational institutions, corporations, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies.

The Master of Science in Learning, Technology, and Design consists of 10 courses. Each three-credit hour course is offered in 8-week sub-terms, providing students the opportunity to work at their own pace. Students can complete the program in as few as three semesters over the span of one year.

Textbook purchases are not required for any of the courses in the program. Instead, learning experiences incorporate relevant, timely materials that can be obtained digitally, thus resulting in sizable cost savings for students each semester. *A Chalk & Wire subscription is required for the program.

HCU has a long history of a recognized graduate program focused on educational technology. For more information about the program, please contact Dr. Katie Alaniz at

Learning Technology Design Degree Plan

[PDF] Master of Science in Learning, Technology, and Design Degree Plan

Master of Science in Learning, Technology and Design students acquire the following student learning outcomes:

  1. Analyzing technology-based learning tools and delivery systems.
  2. Managing the delivery of technology-driven learning.
  3. Developing an in-depth understanding of quality course design in an increasingly digital age.
  4. Becoming equipped to enter careers in various academic and professional settings.

Each student in the program engages in a capstone project within their final semester. This authentic assessment experience offers students the opportunity to synthesize and apply key knowledge and skills acquired in the program. The capstone project showcases the extent of academic and professional growth throughout the program, allowing students to integrate their new learning in real-life settings. Students ultimately discover an authentic instructional design problem to solve and then collaborate with stakeholders to create, build, execute, and assess a recommended solution to address this need. 

What can I do with my Master of Science in Learning, Technology, and Design degree? 

The following examples represent professional settings in which graduates with a Master of Science in Learning, Technology, and Design may be hired:

  • Public and Private EC-21 Educational Settings
  • Public and Private Higher Educational Settings
  • Corporations
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Government Agencies

The following examples represent career paths graduates with a Master of Science in Learning, Technology, and Design may pursue:

  • Instructional Designer (in Educational, Corporate, Nonprofit, or Government Settings)
  • Coordinator of Digital Accessibility
  • Corporate Trainer
  • Course Development Project Manager
  • Director of Distance Education and Learning Technologies
  • Director of Educational Technology
  • Education Program Manager
  • Instructional Design Manager
  • Instructional Design Specialist
  • Instructional Technology Specialist
  • Instructor for Undergraduate Higher Education Courses
  • Learning Media and Technology Specialist
  • Program Manager for Educational Technology
  • Web Designer
  • Web Developer

Course Requirements

Course Number

Course Name


LTDE 5302

Foundations of Learning, Technology, and Design (to be taken in the first 9 hours)


LTDE 5305

Instructional Design in a Digital Age


LTDE 5306

Technology, Planning, and Administration


LTDE 5308

Design, Development, and Assessment of Online Learning


LTDE 5317

Current Topics in Learning with Technology


LTDE 5319

Technology Tools for Learning


LTDE 5320

Design and Development of Multimedia Instruction


LTDE 5330

Professional Development for Technology Integration


LTDE 5350

Emerging Technologies


LTDE 6300

Learning, Technology, and Design Capstone Course


Total Hours




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