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Tuition Per Credit Hour:
Degree Tuition (Per Credit Hour)
Semester Tuition Total:
Tuition (Per Credit Hour)
Credit Hours
Annual Tuition Total:
Semester Tuition
Semesters Per Year


Current Term Student Fees:
On-Campus Fees (General + Technology)
(Unique for Fall/Spring and Summer)


Online Semester Fee
(Unique for Graduate, Doctoral, Nursing)
Parking Fee (Annual):
Annual Parking Fee
(On-Campus Students Only)
Annual Fees Total:
Total Semester Fees (Spring + Summer + Fall)
Parking Fee (Annual)

Semester Fees x Semesters Per Year


Semester Tuition & Fees:
Semester Tuition Total
Semester Fees Total
Annual Tuition & Fees:
Annual Tuition Total
Annual Fees Total
Program Tuition:
Tuition (Per Credit Hour)
Degree Total Credit Hours
Program Fees:
Semester Fees Total  x  Total Semesters
Parking Fee  x  Number of Years


Online Fees  x  Total Number of Semesters

(On-Campus "Annual Fees Total" accounts for unique Spring/Fall & Summer fees)
Program Tuition & Fees:
Program Tuition
Program Fees

Additional Course Fees

Additional course fees may apply for required or elective courses.
Visit Graduate Tuition and Fees for more information.
This calculator is only a tool to help estimate costs. This calculator is neither a contract nor an offer to make a contract. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained herein, HCU reserves the right to make changes at any time with respect to programs, tuition, and fees or any other dollar amount addressed in this calculator. Information is provided solely for the convenience of our applicants, students, students’ families, faculty, and staff.

Total Notes

  • Total excludes additional course fees and other possible fees.
  • Does not discount financial aid or scholarships.
  • Learn more about potential graduate scholarships or financial aid.
The majority of our students receive some type of institutional aid and many students are also eligible for assistance from federal aid sources; for instance, graduate students are eligible for up to $20,500 in unsubsidized student loans per year.