Center for Learning Innovations and Teaching Excellence


The Center for Learning Innovations and Teaching Excellence (C-LITE) exists to foster a student-centered environment at HCU by encouraging an active and innovative learning community with resources and engaging programs for faculty, adjunct faculty, staff, and graduate assistants.


We are committed to empowering faculty and staff to design and implement learning innovations and teaching excellence in the advancement of academic quality at HCU through offering:

  • Programs –Programs related to evidence-based teaching strategies, training on academic technology appropriate for enhancing instructional needs,¬†support with the design of authentic assessment practices, and other innovative professional development opportunities offered frequently throughout the year
  • Consultations and Observations –Non-evaluative, confidential, one-on-one consultations and classroom observations with feedback and coaching sessions whereby faculty can grow in instructional practices that increase student achievement and retention
  • Other Resources –Faculty learning community opportunities, Blackboard Super User support, new faculty onboarding, academic advising support, student success strategies, symposiums extending beyond the HCU community, grants for scholarly development, and other learning opportunities that enhance learning innovations and teaching excellence

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Dr. Katie Alaniz
Director of C-LITE

Dr. Kristie Cerling
Senior Advisor