Micah Snell, PhD

College of Arts and Humanities
English, Communication, Great Texts, and Modern Languages
  • Assistant Professor of English
  • Program Coordinator, Master of Liberal Arts


  • PhD, Theology, University of St. Andrews, St. Mary’s College, The Institute for Theology, Imagination and the Arts
  • MDiv, Nashotah House Theological Seminary
  • PBC, Classics, University of California Los Angeles
  • BA, Humanities (Magna Cum Laude), Biola University

Courses Taught

  • ENGL4395 Advanced British Literature: Sacred Poems
  • ENGL3373 Advanced British Literature: Shakespeare
  • ENGL1330 Writing for Wisdom II
  • ENGL1320 Writing for Wisdom I
  • ENGL1313 Composition and Literature
  • HNRS4399 Honors Senior Thesis (2017, 2018)
  • HNRS3740 The Story of Scripture
  • HNRS3710 The Last Two Hundred Years
  • HNRS3199 Independent Study: Victor Hugo
  • HNRS3099 Independent Study: Leo Tolstoy
  • HNRS3060 Honors Lecture VI
  • HNRS2740 Enlightenment and Modernity
  • HNRS2710 Faith, Reason, and Romance
  • HNRS2060 Honors Lecture IV
  • HNRS2030 Honors Lecture III
  • HNRS1740 All Roads Lead to Rome
  • HNRS1710 Walking to Piraeus
  • HNRS1060 Honors Lecture II
  • HNRS1050 Honors Writing II
  • HNRS1030 Honors Lecture I
  • HNRS1020 Honors Writing I
  • FYS1300 Freshman Year Seminar




“Holy Monday: The Anointing for Burial.” Lent + Eastertide: Daily Reflections for Engaging the Church Calendar. Edited by Jack Franicevich. Nashotah House, 2021.

“First Sunday of Christmas: ‘My Kingdom Is Not of This World’.” Advent + Christmastide: Daily Reflections for Engaging the Church Calendar. Edited by Jack Franicevich. Nashotah House, 2020.

Review of The Priests We Need to Save the Church, by Kevin Wells. The Imaginative Conservative, January 2020.

John Patrick Pazdziora and Micah W Snell, eds. Ravenclaw Reader: Seeking the Meaning and Artistry of J.K. Rowling’s Hogwarts Saga, Essays from the St. Andrews University Harry Potter Conference. Oklahoma City: Unlocking Press, 2015

Additional Information

Father Micah Snell is formally a specialist in religion and early modern drama. His scholarly interests include William Shakespeare, Charles Williams, Anglican spirituality, alchemy, and Romanticism. He has directed student research projects for senior theses and as part of the Smith Scholars Fellowship.
Pastorally he is a retreat leader and a spiritual director. He is ordained in the Anglican Church in North America and an assistant priest at St. Peter’s Anglican Church in Cypress, TX.
Father Micah and his wife have five children. When he can occasionally spare other time his interests are varied and abundant, but ultimately he agrees, “…there is nothing—absolutely nothing—half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.”