Students Express Thanks Through Photos

In early December, just before finals, about 20 students gathered in the quad of the Brown Student Center for a simple photo. In the day of selfies and snapchats, one could assume that this was just another photo about themselves. Instead, these pictures had an entirely different purpose. The Office of Alumni Relations had asked students to gather to take a photo and tell their story, as a way to say thank you to the alumni and donors. Within the hour, over 20 students showed up to participate in the movement, “Giving Tuesday.” They came to simply to say “thank you” and to let their story of gratitude and thanks be heard. Each of these students has a story to tell – one that connects them to each of us who give – they are here at HBU due to scholarships made possible by our donors. Each gift, big or small, makes a difference in the life of these students. Our students see that direct impact on their lives and recognize the role HBU alumni and donors have in shaping their future, and they say thank you for giving back.