Culture Influencers: Mary Jo Sharp

Mary Jo Sharp, Assistant Professor of Apologetics and Founder of Confident Christianity Apologetics Ministry, will speak with internationally renowned apologist Ravi Zacharias on a short tour in British Colombia on September 6-8, and then speak in Comox Valley, British Colombia that weekend. Topics include Why Jesus, World Religions, Conversational Apologetics, and a look at the reality of John Lennon’s utopia in the song, “Imagine.”

She is also featured extensively in the just released Olive Tree Media television series, “Jesus the Game Changer.” The message of the series focuses on how the life and teaching of Jesus changed the world and why it matters. There are interviews with many scholars and Christian influencers from around the world such as Eric Metaxas, Rodney Stark, Darrel Bock, Miraslov Volf, John Ortberg, and many more. The series not only includes Professor Sharp, but highlights the beauty of HBU’s Belin Chapel, where the interview was filmed.