Culture Influencers: Joshua Farris

Joshua R. Farris, professor of Theology and director of The Academy, recently presided over a panel at the national meeting of the American Academy of Religion put on by the Evangelical Philosophical Society, discussing newer contributions related to a recently published volume, the Routledge Research Companion to Theological Anthropology. The American Academy of Religion is the largest religious society in the world with papers spanning the religious spectrum. The Evangelical Philosophical Society is a society devoted to the philosophy of religion and philosophical theology and is also connected to the Evangelical Theological Society. The Companion is edited by Joshua R. Farris and Charles Taliaferro. The papers were presented by two original contributors (Marc Cortez, Wheaton College; Nathan Jacobs, University of Kentucky) to the Companion and one new contributor (Angus Menuge, president of the EPS). The responders included Thomas McCall (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) and J.T. Turner (Fellow at Fuller Theological Seminary). Charles Talieferro’s (St. Olaf College) comments were given, but due to illness he was unable to attend.

Dr. Farris also gave a talk prior to the panel discussion at the Evangelical Theological Society on  “EDWARDS ON CREATED SUBSTANCE: Perfect Idea or Actual Substance?”, which was a part of a symposium on the Models of God. Other contributors included Gerald R. McDermott and S. Mark Hamilton.