This Week's Review: Allied

Even though I had more time than usual during the Thanksgiving holiday, I did not see any more movies than I would have on a regular weekend. I saw the spy thriller Allied and then stayed to see Doctor Strange for the second time.

Allied is a World War II spy thriller which starts in Casablanca in the early days of the war (but there are no allusions to anyone resembling the denizens of Rick’s Bar). A Canadian airman and a local Resistance leader team up to assassinate a National Socialist bigwig; he takes her back to England with him and starts a family. As preparations for D-Day heat up, evidence pops up that indicates his beloved may be a double agent feeding information to Berlin. This is not a bad premise for a thriller and, by and large, the film delivers.

Our hero, otherwise known as Brad Pitt, has a limited amount of time to prove his wife’s innocence; if he can’t vindicate her, he is obligated to kill her himself; if he does not kill her, he will be hanged for treason. (I don’t know enough about military law to know if this is credible.) The last half of the film describes his increasingly frantic efforts to save her. Some of his efforts are not totally credible, but the suspense is maintained and the ending is logical.

This is not a high priority film; I would suggest saving your money for Rogue One, Avalon, and other December diversions. The DVD should be adequate; in the meantime, you could pull out your DVDs based on the suspense novels of Alistair Maclean or Helen MacInnes. For that matter, Casablanca holds up quite well even after seven decades.