Culture Influencers: Mary Jo Sharp

Professor Mary Jo Sharp, assistant professor of apologetics, spoke at LifeWay Christian Resources’ Women’s Forum in November 2016. This forum is a conference for leadership in women’s ministry. Also in November, Mary Jo finished her third year as a member of the Evangelical Philosophical Society Executive Committee. In December 2016, Professor Sharp was interviewed by a local radio broadcast, “Pearls of Wisdom” on KKHT in Houston.

In February 2017, Mary Jo Sharp is speaking at Downline Ministries Summit; a large, multi-generational discipleship conference in Memphis, Tennessee. This coming April, Mary Jo will be teaching on her LifeWay Bible Study Living In Truth at Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis, TN. Also this spring, she will participate in her first New York speaking engagement, alongside Frank Turek, Greg Koukl, and Jim Warner Wallace for the New York Apologetics “Dare to Defend” Conference. Keep up with how Mary Jo is impacting the world for the Kingdom of God at