Culture Influencers: Jeremiah J. Johnston

Jeremiah Johnston, PhDJeremiah J. Johnston, PhD, president and founder of Christian Thinkers Society, a resident Institute of HBU,  was a guest speaker at the Ignite Men’s Weekend Impact Conference in Lynchburg, VA, March 17-18, where 8,000 men were in attendance. Other speakers included Ben Ben Roethlisberger, NFL quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers, legendary NASCAR driver Tony Stewart, Tim Smith, Chief Development Officer from Museum of the Bible. Dr. Jeremiah was blessed by all the men how approached him at his table after speaking with questions that they have asked God.  He will be speaking at Hyde Park Baptist Church pastored by Dr. Kie Bowman this Sunday March 26, 2017 at the Hyde Park Campus and the Quarries Campus. He encourages anyone to come out and worship with the Hyde Park Baptist Church this Sunday. Find information on how to get Dr. Jeremiah to speak on his book Unanswered: Lasting Truth For Trending Questions at