This Week's Review: DVD Matinee Marathon

A few days ago I congratulated myself on skipping a winter cold; of course, I then proceeded to come down with a doozy of a spring cold which effectively grounded me for four days.  To put it nicely, my movie plans for the Easter weekend were dashed to smithereens.

earthquake official movie posterI did manage to watch a few movies on my faithful DVD player; my consolations included two of the original “shake and bake” disaster movies, Airport and Earthquake.  Those hold up better than I had expected; it had to have been three decades or more since I had seen either.

I also watched some episodes from the early 1950s series Topper.  My family acquired its first television set in 1956 and syndicated reruns of that comedy were very popular.  I must confess that they did not seem nearly so funny in 2017.

risen official movie posterI ended my weekend with the DVD version of Risen and I found it as interesting as when I first saw it on a big screen.

If I am not as contagious this coming weekend, I will start playing catch-up.