Culture Influencers: Katie Alaniz and Dawn Wilson

Dr. Katie AlanizDawn WilsonKatie Alaniz, assistant professor of education, and Dr. Dawn Wilson, professor of education, were invited to serve as panelists at the TECCSES* Technology Consortium, which took place on May 18 in Pearland, TX. The session was entitled “Enhance, Transform, Connect: Educational Technology Coaching” and incorporated concepts derived from their book Naturalizing Digital Immigrants: The Power of Collegial Coaching for Technology Integration, which was published in April, 2015 by Rowman & Littlefield.

*TECCSES is an acronym describing the following characteristics of educators who participate in the conference:

Trend and challenge anticipators who
Explore educational technology possibilities,
Communicate effectively and openly,
Collaborate enthusiastically,
Share widely,
Expand participation, and
Soar to new heights