HBU Associate Professor of Early Christianity Dr. Jeremiah J. Johnston Conceives a World Without Jesus Christ in His New Book, “Unimaginable”

What if Jesus of Nazareth had never been born, had never taught and had never died? What implications would that have, and how would our world today be different?

Houston Baptist University

The stirring account of Christianity’s influence during the past 2,000 years across cultures and history as a whole is myth-dispelling and compelling. In a time when Christianity is sometimes dismissed and even demeaned, the work offers a thoughtful account of what the world really would be like without the far-reaching impact of Jesus Christ and his followers.

“I think readers will be astounded by the manners in which Christianity has influenced and bettered the world we know, including in areas like healthcare, education and even human rights,” Johnston said. “I encourage anyone who has questions about, or simply wants to delve into the worthiness of Jesus Christ’s teachings, and Christianity at large, to read this book.”

“Unimaginable: What Our World Would Be Like Without Christianity”

Published by Baker Publishing Group; Release Date: December 2017

(ISBN: 9780764230813; eBook ISBN: 9781493413805; $19.99)

Learn more and preorder the book at UnimaginableBook.com.