Culture Influencers: Nancy Pearcey

Nancy PearceyNancy Pearcey, professor of Apologetics and scholar-in-residence, has a new book that was published January 2, entitled, “Love Thy Body: Answering Hard Questions about Life and Sexuality.” The book was the No. 1 new release in Christian social issues on Amazon all of January.

Published Reviews of the book:

“A powerful book … Brings Pearcey’s unique and uniquely-helpful voice to crucial issues.”
–Tim Challies,

“Important … Passionate … Brilliant. Like no other book I’ve read, Love Thy Body draws out and exposes the faulty worldview upon which abortion, euthanasia, the hookup culture, gay marriage, and transgenderism rest.
–Louis Markos, Reformation21

“Timely … Well researched … Reading Love Thy Body was a sort of Matrix moment for me which opened my eyes to see what’s going on in our world in a new light. It is an essential tool for understanding and engaging with our culture’s views on humanity and morality.”
–Tim Arndt, Apologetics315

“Pearcey’s analysis shines … She turns the tables by showing that it is secularists who reject the physical world and the body. How? By exalting consciousness or feelings above the body. They want to choose their identity, no matter how much it conflicts with physical reality.”
–Richard Weikart, The Stream

“Takes us back to see the bigger picture … A very practical book that reminds us of the importance of ideas, and how bad ideas can harm us so very much. But the book is one of hope as well. It not only demolishes faulty worldview thinking, but it points the way forward.”
–Bill Muehlenberg, Culture Watch

“Unique … Puts its finger squarely on the problem … Pearcey’s central thesis is that the core of our differences over sexual matters stem from an unspoken, radically opposed anthropology–that is, a deep-seated disagreement over what makes a person a person.”
–Jimmy Young, The Gospel Coalition

“Love Thy Body is riveting, challenging, educational, a shot to the heart, a challenge for the mind, and bold push for the feet. It will spark controversy.”
–David Steele, Servants of Grace

“With clarity and compassion … shines much-needed light on the most pressing category of confusing ideologies today, the sexual ones. Think of it as a training guide for comprehensive, clear thinking about the biological and sexual deconstructivist movements of our day.”
–Terrell Clemmons, Cross

“A former agnostic, Pearcey looks at what she calls the ‘dehumanizing impact’ of secularist views of the body, biology, and sexuality, making a case for how Christianity teaches a holistic view of each.”
–Publisher’s Weekly Preview

“Loving, caring, and compassionate…Cuts to the Truth… A ringing alarm calling for change, a resource for generations to come, and a practical guide to ‘Loving Thy Body.'”
–Jason Kline, Bellator Christi




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