This Week's Review: "Solo"

I started the Memorial Day weekend with “Solo,” the newest “Star Wars” prequel; I have to say that last year’s “Rogue One” was better. I enjoyed most of “Solo,” but I came away dissatisfied.

I know there were problems throughout the production of the film. I can’t blame the cast, even though Woody Harrelson was the only name I recognized. Ron Howard’s direction was up to his usual standard; the action scenes, particularly a train robbery, are the most memorable parts of the film.

There were enough new “critters” to satisfy any xenophile; however, in an early scene, one alien’s English is so poorly synchronized, it ruins the scene. The plot is fairly predictable, but there are some very good scenes: the train robbery, the first violent encounter between Han Solo and Chewbacca, and, the contest between Solo and Lando Calrisian for ownership of the Millennium Falcon.

All the ingredients for a rip-roaring film were there, but the recipe just didn’t work. A sequel is clearly in the works, but I don’t have much sense of anticipation for it; I am, however, interested in 2020’s film about Obi-Wan Kenobi.