This Week's Review: Sicario: Day of the Soldado and Gotti

Sicario Day of the Soldado official movie posterThe current heat wave, along with a paucity of interesting new releases, kept me away from the lure and glitter of the metroplexes the weekend of June 30. There was no way I could be enticed to spend money on “Sicario: Day of the Soldado.” The first film in the series was a bloodbath, and the trailers for this one seemed even bloodier.

I have always admired the “Godfather” trilogy, but gangster films are not my favorite genre. I never considered seeing “Gotti”; I had my fill of that particular gangster on “60 Minutes.” I have to confess that I am rarely impressed by John Travolta; his presence in the title role made “Gotti” even more unattractive.