This Week's Review: "Mile 22"

I hate to admit that I make mistakes, but I made a major mistake on August 18; I should have gone to see “Crazy Rich Asians,” but for some strange reason I chose “Mile 22.” I still cringe at the thought of the time and money I wasted on 95 minutes of trash.

I usually enjoy movies with Mark Wahlberg, but this film, which he helped produce, is not worthy of him. The violence is constant and sickening, while the vocabulary is straight out of a cesspool. The plot is a clone of “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation,” with none of that film’s virtues, such as they were.

Why did I not head for “Crazy Rich Asians”? It’s probably because I was repulsed by the original trailer. I will have to put that film at the top of my list for August 25. In the meantime, rather than lamenting the waste of time and money, I will be figuring out new ways to traumatize students in the new semester.