This Week's Review: "Operation Finale"

Cinematic offerings for the Labor Day weekend were rather sparse, so I only saw one film, “Operation Finale.” I had planned to see it after I saw the early trailers because I was intrigued by the plot line, and how Israeli agents tracked down and captured Adolf Eichmann, a notorious architect of the “Final Solution.”

I am glad I saw the film, but it was not as satisfying as I had hoped. Ben Kingsley does well as the notorious National Socialist who implemented Hitler’s hateful program, and I finally recognized Oscar Isaac as the leader of the agents. I wish there had been more background information on the members of the team and why they chose to go to Argentina on a covert mission to capture Eichmann and take him back to Israel.

I vividly remember the capture of Eichmann and the ensuing trial. For many Americans, it was their first exposure to the horrors of the Holocaust. The film is very subdued on that point, but there is enough to remind the audience of why Eichmann needed to face justice.

The film probably will not be in the theaters very long; you could wait for the DVD. In the meantime, you might watch “Judgment at Nuremberg,” “Exodus,” or other films from the early 60s. For that matter, the recent “Denial” is still a powerful reminder of the horrors of the Third Reich.

For September 8, “Peppermint” may be my target, but I will not swear to that.