Culture Influencers: Joshua R. Farris

Dr. Joshua R. Farris, assistant professor of Theology, has recently published an article, “Souls and Bodies: Why We Still Matter?” in a new journal entitled, “Didaktikos: Journal of Theological Education” in the section called “Currents.” Currents is a part of the journal where professors give exposure to their specialty on a subject for other professors, educators, and pastors.

Dr. Farris has also recently co-authored a blog post “Why So Dissatisfied with Satisfaction? by Joshua R. Farris and S. Mark Hamilton” that advances the benefits of an Anselmian satisfaction theory of the atonement in light of recent atonement discussions in general and penal substitution in particular. The authors call for greater clarity on these discussions amongst biblical theologians and theologians in popular and academic venues. They also challenge a rather mistaken assumption that penal substitution is the theory of the atonement and the heart of the gospel.