This Week's Review: "Halloween"

I still remember the night I saw the first version of “Halloween” in October, 1978; I knew that I was watching the birth of a new subgenre soon known as the “slasher film.” The original still has the power to shock, but most have only the power to disgust. This sequel, which bears the same title as the original, comes nowhere near the power of the original, but it does illustrate how the genre has coarsened our taste since 1978.

This film acknowledges none of the endless procession of sequels since 1978. We learn very quickly that Laurie Strode, 40 years older and still suffering from the shock of the horrors inflicted upon her, has been waiting for a chance at revenge; she also has the motivation of having to protect her daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter. Her old nemesis, Michael, is more than willing to give her the opportunity. The body count rises quickly; if anything, the deaths are more vicious than in 1978.

I was talking with the theater manager about the film and he told me there is already talk of another sequel. I was shocked, just shocked, at least until I saw the box office receipts for the film’s first three days.

Nothing looks good for the October 27 weekend, but there is always hope.