This Week's Review: "On the Basis of Sex"

After my trifecta during Christmas week, I wound up with only one film under my belt for the first week of the new year: “On the Basis of Sex.” It turned out to be a very good choice; it was far better than I had anticipated.

I am always a bit wary of “biopics,” but this one is one of the best I have seen in years. I confess that I knew very little about Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s career prior to her appointment to the Supreme Court; I now realize that I need to read up on her. Her impact on gender equality predates her Supreme Court career and has been far more significant than I had realized.

The cast is excellent; Felicity Jones is emerging as a very serious actress and she handles the role of Ginsburg with aplomb and panache. Armie Hammer is also good as a husband who supports and assists his wife.

The film is timely because of Justice Ginsburg’s current health problems. I recommend it highly, but you could wait for the DVD.