Moody Foundation Grant Awarded to HBU Student Success Center

The Moody Foundation has awarded the HBU Student Success Center with a grant in the amount of $200,000 that will be used for the next two years to help ensure sustainable academic achievement for students. The gift will enable the Center to partner with students more effectively for their degree attainment. The grant will support a new faculty fellows program, expand online tutoring, launch a robust student training program, as well as strengthen existing partnerships and activities designed to bolster students’ long-term success.

Dr. David Hao, dean of Student Success & Advising, said, “We’re extremely grateful for the partnership of the Moody Foundation. Together, with the help of key faculty partners across campus, we are helping create conditions for students to succeed. HBU is so blessed to have so many faculty partners who actively support our students within and beyond the classroom.”

Dr. Darby Hawley, assistant professor of Psychology, who is part of the inaugural faculty fellows pilot program, said the new faculty initiative will further effective instruction and support students: “This a committee of faculty that will facilitate the development of comprehensive, student-centered instruction for new faculty members, while also establishing innovative ways to encourage and support existing faculty members.”