This Week’s Review: Books

In a recent review, I raised the question of how the current medical crisis would affect theaters. I learned this morning, March 17, that AMC and Regal (Edwards) are closing down for the duration. Since Hollywood is holding several potential blockbusters back until the crisis wanes, there was very little to lure customers into the theaters anyway, but I suspect that we may lose some of the more marginal theaters.

How shall we cope with this mess? I enjoyed a mailer from a local bookstore in which someone suggested that this is a good time for panic buying and hoarding of books. I heartily concur.

In the next few days I will finish rereading the revised version of Stanley Karnow’s “Vietnam.” Next on my list will be Hilary Mantel’s final volume in her Thomas Cromwell series, “The Mirror and the Light.” I have also acquired Sharon Kay Penman’s latest tome about the Kingdom of Jerusalem. Mantel and Penman are probably the best historical novelists writing today.