Culture Influencer: Louis Markos

Dr. Louis Markos, Professor of English, has been the featured guest in several recent interviews.

Dr. Markos was featured on Feb. 3 on Bible Answer Man. Dr. Markos said, “In this interview, based on an essay I am publishing with Christian Research Journal, I discuss how the Victorian poet, Alfred Lord Tennyson, struggled with the death of his young friend Arthur Henry Hallam, taking up, as he did so, a more general wrestling with the immortality of the soul, the problem of pain, and the new science of evolution.”

Tennyson on Theodicy: How a Victorian-era Poet can Help Modern Christians with the Problem of Pain


Other recent podcasts:

Video: Sunday, January 10 interview with Michael Jahosky, Mythic Mission, on myth and Markos’ new book, “The Myth Made Fact.”

Mythic Mission Podcast Interview with Dr. Louis Markos and Michael Jahosky on The Myth Made Fact


Audio: Interview with Michael Heiser on “Myth Made Fact”:



Monday, January 4, interview with Bob Dutko on “Myth Made Fact”:


Interview for Apologetics Canada Podcast on “Abolition of Man” with Andy Steiger”