New Leaders Join the Dunham College of Business

HBU Provost Dr. Stanley Napper announced the appointment of Ms. Brenda Rios Brombacher to be the new Director of the McNair Center for Entrepreneurship and Free Enterprise, and Assistant Professor. Brenda has a B.A. in International Business from UH-Downtown, a Master’s in Diplomacy from Norwich University, and is near completion of a DBA in Entrepreneurship from Walden University. She has teaching experience at UH-Downtown, worked five years for the U.S. Department of State (promoting and executing entrepreneurship programs throughout Africa and the Middle East), and she has 2.5 years of experience in a start-up company. For the past five years, she was the Director of Entrepreneurial Initiatives and Community Relations at Houston Community College, where she demonstrated skill in grant writing, fundraising, and building community partnerships. Brenda grew up in Houston working in her parents’ family business and has many continuing relationships. In addition, Brenda has a broad range of experience working directly with teams and organizations that developed and implemented on-site entrepreneurial programs and activities that directly impacted regions and communities. She will have a short transition period and an immediate impact in her role at HBU.

Announcing New Dean of the Archie W. Dunham College of Business and Director of Academic Partnerships for HBU

We are grateful for the leadership and service of Mr. Mike Rome, who served as Chair of the McNair Center Advisory Panel and then as Interim Director of the McNair Center (during all of 2021). Mike has accepted appointment as Dean, and as Director of Academic Partnerships. Mike is a former CEO of multiple companies during his career and business leader. He envisions this stage of his career as applying and leveraging his experience, leadership, and devotion to Christ. During his time as Interim Director of the McNair Center, he engaged with every dean and every college, seeking ways to help students all over campus. Mike brings a unique collection of skills, experience, and relationships that will help HBU to grow the scope and impact of the Dunham College of Business and the entire university.

As Dean, Mike will be the principal spokesperson and advocate for the College, accountable for alumni cultivation and fundraising, and providing oversight of the College’s academic programs to produce strong student outcomes and achievement. The operational aspects of the College will be administered by the new Executive Associate Dean, Dr. Gregg Keiffer. Both Mike and Gregg will serve as members of the Dean’s Council.

As Director of Academic Partnerships, Mike will assist all Academic Deans with establishing effective advisory boards, identify development opportunities and seek external support, maintain active engagement with existing corporate partnerships (for-profit and non-profit), and assist the Provost with developing university-wide initiatives that address the workforce needs and professional solutions for major Houston industries.