Jeff Sutton talks to HCU Softball student-athlete Autumn Sydlik on "Think About It"

In this episode of “Think About It,” Jeff Sutton, Assistant Director of Athletic Media Relations & Broadcasting, talks with Autumn Sydlik, HCU senior softball player. Sydlik shares how HCU’s smaller campus and the ability to build community and friendships were the qualities that drew her to the University. In a time when student-athletes are switching schools and moving around, Sydlik felt grounded at HCU and described it as a place to grow academically in a community atmosphere while handling her demanding schedule of tournaments as a student-athlete. She shares her determination to recover from an injury that sidelined her during a pivotal year of play for the team and expressed pride in how well her teammates performed during the season. A self-described ‘mom’ of the team, Sydlik looks for opportunities to help her younger teammates deal with the challenges and struggles they face in all aspects of their lives. Her strong desire to encourage and uplift others led her to pursue a master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling and psychology. Now in her fifth year, her aim, upon completion of her degree, is to become a sports counselor or sports psychologist to help athletes with mental challenges in both sports and life.