Computer Science Jobs | Careers in Computer Science

Your HCU degree in computer science opens opportunities for many career paths.

Computer Science is an exciting field that impacts every part of our lives. Computer Science is complex, wide-ranging, vital, and all about what’s next. Earning your Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science at Houston Christian University will prepare you to be in the forefront of this dynamic field and ready for current and emerging computer science jobs.

“IT provides some of the best careers for moving up the ladder and expanding professionally.” -CompTIA

Many of your computer science courses at HCU will introduce you to the computer science specializations in the job market. See below for various types of computer science jobs and titles, according to CompTIA, a leading technology industry association.

CompTIA also highlights the following computer science jobs as emerging roles to explore in the coming years:

  • Machine learning trainer/scientist
  • AI developer
  • Industrial Internet of Things engineer
  • Geospatial and mapping specialist
  • Blockchain developer/engineer
  • Digital designer
  • Cybersecurity architect
  • Penetration tester
  • User experience (UX) designer
  • Solutions architect
  • Full stack developer
  • Technology project manager
  • Robotics engineer
  • Drone operator/technician

Computer Science students, as part of HCU’s College of Science and Engineering, have excellent resources to learn about jobs in computer science and engineering through the support of the College’s Science and Engineering Advisory Board, which includes many area Chief Information Officers and Chief Information Security Officers. These Board members represent large energy companies such as Chevron, Occidental Petroleum, Shell, Schlumberger, National Oilwell Varco; healthcare systems such as Memorial Hermann Health System, University of Texas Health System, Houston Methodist Health System; and maritime security organizations such as the American Bureau of Shipping and several regional ports.

Jobs for Graduates with Computer Science Degrees

Tech Support

Armed with computer science degrees or study in information technology, tech support professionals help companies and their employees deal with computer issues, troubleshoot and get more out of the technology they use.

Servers, Architecture and Networking

Computer science specializations that involve working with servers, network architecture and networking involve such duties as supporting network connectivity and equipment; creating protocols for use of network tools; troubleshooting network tools; and working to configure network systems to ensure security, stability and performance.

Cybersecurity and Analytics

HCU computer science graduates who go into cybersecurity or security analytics will have these kinds of job responsibilities: performing security reviews on networks; integrating new safety features into existing technology; designing cybersecurity protocols, and using forensic tools to identify security vulnerabilities and threats.

Cloud Computing

Computer science and information technology careers in cloud computing involve helping organizations make cloud technology more scalable, reliable and secure. They also identify and solve issues with cloud technology.

Development and Coding

Developers and coders use programming languages to create digital products like apps, websites and software. Their jobs differ slightly based on where they work, what products they’re creating or improving, and which programming languages are used.


Database information technology careers involve creating and storing procedures in databases, working in database management systems, troubleshooting database issues, testing database systems and designing and organizing how information is stored in databases.

Web Design

While front-end developers use code to control how websites function, web designers use code like HTML and CSS to dictate the visual features of websites and apps. They also may utilize graphic design tools like Adobe Photoshop.

  • UI web designer
  • Web/graphic designer
  • Web development project manager

Project Management

Computer science careers that involve project management entail overseeing IT teams and tech projects to achieve business goals. Project managers set the timeline for projects, establish goals for team members, and control the budget and scope of projects.

  • IT project manager
  • IT and special systems project manager
  • IT project coordinator