Benefits of Dual-Enrollment at HCU

Dual-enrollment can be used to accomplish many different goals. We encourage students to allow dual-enrollment to help them reach a level of academic excellence and college preparedness previously unavailable to them. We also know dual-enrollment can help students and families limit college debt by reducing the number of semesters or years students attend a traditional, four-year university. Further, dual-enrollment can allow students to advance their university studies beyond what most can achieve in four years.

The Benefits of Dual-Enrollment at HCU

  • transferable college credit earned while still in high school
  • unique two-semester courses designed specifically for The Academy
  • a flexible yet rigorous curriculum founded on great works of Western civilization offering college credit in English, History, and Philosophy
  • interdisciplinary curriculum that emphasizes holistic understanding of the past and present
  • a decidedly Classical approach to learning using the Oxbridge model of education, which combines discussion-based learning with contextual lectures
  • dedicated Christian faculty committed to the interdisciplinary curriculum
  • intentionally small classes designed to promote scholarly discussion and foster relationships among students and faculty
  • a community of friends and mentors built around mutual love of Christ and a life of learning
  • the opportunity to enroll in select traditional, one-semester lower-level undergraduate classes at HCU at the low Academy tuition rate (reserved for juniors and seniors and subject to dean’s approval)
  • automatic acceptance into HCU’s Honors College upon admission to HCU, with Academy faculty recommendation
  • cultivation of skills such as reading, writing, and critical thinking that transcend academic disciplines and are applicable and necessary for all college major and career paths