Houston Christian University Retirees Association

Houston Christian University Retirees Association

Established in 1999, the Houston Christian University Retirees Association provides an opportunity for former employees to continue cherished relationships with one another and the University.  During the academic year, the Association holds three lunchtime events for attendees to fellowship during a meal and hear from a University representative or student group.  The Retirees Association is a dues paying organization, consisting of former administrators, faculty, staff, and their spouses.  Members must have completed ten years or more of service* to HBU.

*Members not meeting these requirements and desiring membership should make application to the Administrate Board of the Retirees Association.

2019-20 Retirees Association Luncheons and Meetings

Click on meeting date to RSVP and / or pay Association dues via a secure site.  Luncheon and meeting reservations can also be made by mailing a check to the Treasurer or calling Linda Clark, (281) 649-3434.

Retiree’s Luncheon – April 17, 2020

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HCU Retirees Association Executive Committee

Hugh McClung, Chair
Vacant, Assistant Chair
Linda Brupbacher, Secretary
Daton Dodson, Treasurer
Kaye Busiek, Hospitality Officer
Shari Wescott, Membership Officer
Jon Suter, Representative–at–Large
Mary Ellen Spore, Representative–at–Large
Ann Noble, Information Officer
Candace Desrosiers, University Liaison
Loree Watson, University Liaison


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  • Purpose of the Association

    Purpose of the Association

    Desiring to continue cherished relationships that have been enjoyed
    through the years, the Association will exist to…
    1. provide an opportunity for Houston Christian University (HBU) retirees to
    maintain relationships with one another and with the University, and
    2. identify the needs of the HCU retired community and initiate procedures
    to provide services to meet the various identified needs, and
    3. provide appropriate social events, thereby encouraging and facilitating
    the development of friendship.


  • Current Members

    The following is a list of Retirees Association members who are currently paid for membership.  Names will be added after each meeting as people pay dues.*

    Albritton, Carolyn
    Anderson, Marianne M.
    Anderson, Marion
    Berry, Debra L.
    Best, Ed J.
    Bordelon, J. Michael
    Bradley, Nancy L.
    Bradley, Walter M.
    Byrnes, Don R.
    Byrnes, Georgia S.
    Caldwell, Athalee W.
    Clark, Linda R.
    Curtis, Frances
    Curtis, John
    DeRooy, Joan L.
    Dodson, Daton A.
    Elleson, Judith A.
    Elsbury, Carol F.
    Fulton, Barbara R.
    Furr, James H.
    Furr, Rhonda S.
    Gaultney, Virginia S.
    Greer, Rebecca L.
    Hedger, Jennie F.
    Hedger, Michael
    Henderson, Nancy D.
    Hooker, John C.
    Hooker, Wallace K.
    Linder, Robert J.
    Looser, Donald
    Looser, Elsa Jean
    Moffett, Hilda S.
    Moore, Ferrell D.
    Moore, Norma F.
    Owen, Carolyn A.
    Owens, Barbara R.
    Peavy, Charles
    Peavy, Elysee E.
    Peterson, Verna M.
    Phillips, Sally R.
    Pross, Edith E.
    Raley, Harold C.
    Raley, Victoria
    Rogers, Kenneth W.
    Shields, W. L.
    Smith, Charles R.
    Smith, Elizabeth A.
    Spore, Charles U.
    Spore, Mary Ellen
    Suter, Jon M.
    Warren, Doris
    Wentland, Stephen H.
    Wescott, Shari H.
    Williamson, Roger L.
    Williamson, Ruth Ann
    Yuill, Nancy C.

    *Dues can be paid through the online event RSVP form, a check mailed to the Treasurer prior to the meeting, or dues can be paid at the meeting.

  • Administrative Board Meeting Minutes
  • Projects Supported by the Retirees Association

    While the HCU Retirees Association serves primarily as a social organization, from time to time a project or cause is brought to the attention of the Executive Committee who votes to share the opportunity with the Association.  Given the University provides a partial operation budget each year, the Association will use accumulated dues payments to cover the support of these projects.

    Past projects include:

    • Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund for HCU Employees
    • Husky Veterans Association Lounge
    • Music Department Spring Tour
    • Tutor Training, Academic Success Center


  • Past Chairs

    Robert Linder 2001-2002
    Sebron Williams* 2002-2004
    Jerry Gaultney 2004-2006
    Elysee Peavy 2006-2008
    Harold Raley 2008-2010
    Don Looser 2010-2012
    Mary Ellen Spore 2012-2014
    Ruth Ann Williamson 2014-2016
    Don Byrnes 2016-2018
    Eloise Hughes 2018



  • The History of the Association

    In a meeting of the Faculty Assembly in 1999, a proposal was presented by Assembly
    President Rhonda Furr to consider forming an organization for retired faculty and staff.
    The proposal was accepted and a faculty committee appointed to consider this possibility.
    The committee consisted of Chair Sebron Williams, Jim Taylor, Harold Raley, and Ann
    Gebuhr who rendered their report on March 15, 1999. On the basis of this report, a larger
    committee was appointed to implement the formation of an organization for faculty and
    staff retirees. The members of the Implementation Committee were Chair Jerry Gaultney,
    Sebron Williams, Teresa Boyd, Rhonda Furr, Bob Linder, Don Looser, Harold Raley, and
    Elysee Peavy. The first meeting was held on June 29, 1999. The committee immediately
    sought to obtain information from retired faculty and staff and from members of the
    administration to determine interest in such an organization. Based on a favorable response
    to this inquiry, the committee collected names and addresses of retired faculty and staff and
    selected a name for the organization. A subcommittee began to work on the Constitution
    and Bylaws.

    The Implementation Committee studied ways in which the organization could be helpful
    to its members and to Houston Christian University. Officers were nominated, to be voted
    on at the first meeting of the Association. These plans were presented to University
    President Hodo and the Faculty Assembly and were approved. The first meeting of the
    Association was held on February 16, 2001 with the following officers elected to serve
    until September 1, 2002: Robert Linder, Chair; Sebron Williams, Assistant Chair; Barbara
    Owens, Secretary-Treasurer; Robert Creech, Member-at- Large; Pauline Wright, Memberat-Large;
    and Dick Parker, Liaison Officer. Under the leadership of these officers, a
    successful period of organization and growth ensued.

    In 2010, a study committee proposed amended By-Laws which would create the office
    of Association Historian, redistribute some duties among the elected officers, delete
    information no longer correct or valid, and update content to conform with current
    University organizational operation. The By-Laws were adopted by the Association on
    October 22, 2010. Additional updates and corrections to the By-Laws were presented
    to the Association on October 19, 2012 and adopted by the Association on February
    22, 2013. These changes include redefining the duties of Hospitality and Membership,
    changing their titles from Hospitality Chair and Membership Chair to Hospitality Officer
    and Membership Officer. Future changes to the By-Laws will be made when deemed
    appropriate by the Administrative Board.

    The HCU Retirees Association wishes to thank all those at the University who aided in the
    establishment of the Association. In particular, we acknowledge with gratitude our debt
    to Dr. E. D. Hodo, Mr. Dick Parker, Dr. Don Looser, Ms. Sharon Saunders, Dr. Rhonda
    Furr, and Ms. Teresa Boyd for their ongoing encouragement, support, efforts, and good
    will, without which the Association would not now exist. We also thank the members of
    the 1999 Faculty Assembly under the presidency of Dr. Rhonda Furr for their unanimous
    endorsement of the idea of an organization for retirees, thereby initiating the formation of
    the Association.

  • In Memoriam

    “The Lord is my shepherd…”
    “I go to prepare a place for you…”

    2001 – 2016
    Margil Benedict
    Warren Benedict
    Robert Bush
    Ruth DeHart
    Joyce Fan
    Muriel Flake
    Edward D. (Doug) Hodo, Sr.
    Calvin Huckabay
    Darrell Lassonde
    Patricia Lassonde
    Bill Lawrence
    Lois Lawrence
    Paul Brooks Leath
    Norma Lowder
    Jerry Moffett
    Bill Owens
    Georgena Prator
    James Riley
    Marylyn Sibley
    Kathleen Strom
    Marion R. Webb
    Sebron Williams
    Ellouise Zapalac

  • Cost: Luncheons and Membership

    Membership: Dues are $15 per individual and $20 per couple.

    Luncheon registration options:

    1.   Retirees Association webpage to make your reservation online by clicking the “Register Here” button.  Prepay by credit card at a protected website.  The cost for these reservations is $10 each.

    2.  Make your reservation by sending your check for $10 per person to our Treasurer a week prior to the event. Dues can also be sent. Please email Candace Desrosiers (cdesrosiers@hbu.edu) for address.

    3.   Make your reservation by calling Linda Clark: 281.649.3434 and pay on your arrival.  The cost of these meals is $12 each.

Projects Supported by the Retirees Association

The Doris Corpier Warren Alumni Endowed Scholarship