Bachelor Degree Spanish Major (BA and minor)

HCU’s Ten Pillars vision highlights the importance we place on global engagement as we prepare our students to change the wider world. The Spanish major plays a key role in that preparation. Spanish language proficiency allows us to partner and communicate with multiple communities both locally and internationally. Our students learn to speak with confidence, read with comprehension, and write in a professional manner. The Spanish program offers courses for complete beginners as wells as native speakers, so everyone has the opportunity to deepen their appreciation for and fluency in the Spanish language.

Spanish majors and minors can choose from courses covering a  wide variety of linguistic, literary, cultural, and professional topics, including (for example) Business Spanish, Medical Spanish, Hispanic Literature, The Art of Translation, Spanish Film Studies, Hispanic Popular Music, and Advanced Spanish Grammar.

Spanish Placement

Students who wish to enroll in Spanish courses, and would like to know their proficiency level prior to choosing a course, may consider taking the Spanish Placement Exam.

Is Spanish your heritage language? Our Spanish faculty have published cutting-edge research on the best pedagogical strategies for Heritage Speakers. At HCU, Spanish Heritage Speakers can earn up to 9 hours of SPAN credit through the Spanish Heritage Speakers Placement Exam. In order to receive the credits, a student must apply the credits towards a Spanish minor or major and take two additional Spanish courses. For more information about this test, email Dr. Encarna Bermejo at

Jobs for Spanish Majors

Though there are many reasons everyone should consider learning Spanish, and at least three reasons Christians should, an advantage in the job market tends to be near the top of a student’s list. Learning Spanish will prepare you for any field that serves a population of Spanish speakers.

Becoming bilingual or multilingual will give you a distinct advantage in:

  • Government
  • Business
  • Medicine
  • Community service
  • Education
  • Social services
  • Ministry, both foreign and domestic
  • … and many other fields

Study Spanish Abroad

Studying abroad is an excellent way to improve your Spanish abilities. For a month each summer, HCU students from a variety of majors travel to Santiago de Compostela, Spain to study Spanish at the city’s university. They live with host families, go on excursions, experience the language in exciting new ways each day, and return with 6 credit hours of Spanish to apply toward their degree. We also have internships in the fields of medicine, business and church ministry to provide students with hands-on experience putting their Spanish to work.

Testimonials from our Students

Here’s what some recent graduates have to say about learning Spanish at HCU:

“The Spanish program at HCU has given me an exceptional education. It has allowed me to reach my college goals by preparing me for a prosperous foreign language teaching career. The program has allowed me to develop a fond appreciation for Spanish literature, which has taken me into a deeper understanding of multicultural societies. The caring community of professors gave me support and encouragement during the whole program. I would not have been able to make it without their sincere care and support.  I highly recommend the program to future candidates who are ready to explore, learn, create, and succeed.” — Sofia Abbassi, Spanish Major, BS 2021

“Becoming a Spanish Major was not my main focus coming into HCU. I was unaware of the opportunities it could provide me with and now I am actually pursuing a career with this degree. The Spanish department is helpful, friendly, and always available. I have created relationships that have pushed me to do better while in this program and cherish every one of them. Being a Spanish major, especially coming from a Hispanic background, has taught me more about a side of Hispanic culture that was not taught to me at home and has resulted in a deeper connection to my roots and heritage. Having a Spanish degree has given me an advantage in my field of work since not only am I able to help the Hispanic community but I am seen as more desirable in many social fields of work for being able to connect with Spanish-speaking families. I look forward to impacting the Spanish community with my future endeavors and hopefully, I am able to leave an impact on others as the professors and students of the Spanish program left on me.” — Oscar Cuevas, Spanish Major, BA 2020

“Throughout my time studying Spanish at HCU, I was amazed by the dedication of the professors and how available they were to us as students. They are experts in their fields of study and they know very well how to teach. After having gone through the program, I am now fully confident in my abilities to communicate in Spanish and I know my career options. I discovered the importance of Hispanic literature in the world, learned how to use Spanish in various careers such as in the medical field and in business, and I was able to learn alongside native speakers with whom I was able to practice Spanish, learn about culture, and make lifelong friendships. I definitely recommend studying Spanish at HCU to anyone who is interested.” — Nick Bostic, Spanish Major, BA 2014

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