Art Museum and Galleries | Art Museum Houston

Commitment to the Arts

The Fine Arts Museum, Contemporary Art Gallery and Gallery 220Art Pieces
are located in the University Academic Center. These museum
and gallery spaces support lifelong learning among a range of
audiences, including the University family and the broader
Houston arts community.

Fine Arts Museum

Religious-themed paintings and prints are on display in the
Fine Arts Museum, including St. John in the Wilderness by
Sir Anthony Van Dyck, c.1624. Programming varies throughout
the academic year and includes lectures, poetry readings and
musical performances, as well as community outreach programs.Student

Contemporary Art Gallery

The Contemporary Art Gallery is located in the University Academic Center on the Houston Christian University campus.
This state-of-the art exhibition space was completed in the
summer of 2012, and its inaugural exhibition, “Spontaneous
Memorial: A Commemorative Installation” by Frank McEntire,
honored the victims of 9/11.

Gallery 220

Art exhibits by regional artists are rotated every two months during the fall and spring semesters in both of these unique
spaces. Visiting artists provide meaningful interaction and
inspiration during gallery talks presented at the regularly
scheduled opening receptions. HCU art students also

participate in the installation process during their courses
in Gallery and Museum practices.