Addressing Your Employees’ Needs Before Giving to Outside Charities (Interview w/ Chris Patton)



On this episode, Chris Patton shares why, in their approach to philanthropic giving away of company profits toward charitable causes, company leaders ought to first address the needs among their own employees before looking outward toward meeting the needs of the broader community and worldHe also shares practical strategies for implementing this approach.  

Chris Patton is the Global CEO of His Way At Work, a nonprofit dedicated to transforming company cultures and implementing Christian principles in the workplace.  

He is also the co-host of the EternalROI Podcast, a Pronk Studios and His Way At Work joint-production that shares real stories of transformation and impact from leaders who have made their workplace the forefront of their ministry.  

Formerly, Chris was President/CEO and third generation owner/partner of his family’s automobile business in LaGrange, GA. He also authored the blog – in which Chris used his experience using the business as a vehicle for ministry to teach readers of his blog how to run their business from an eternal perspective. 

This experience has led to multiple speaking engagements at various events and conferences in partnership with the C12 Group, Corporate Chaplains of America, RightNow Media@work, t-factor and others. He has also been published in other blogs and newsletters as well as TwoTen, a national Christian business magazine. 

Chris and his wife Kim have three adult children and live in Spartanburg, SC. 

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