Moving From Success to Significance (Interview w/ Tom McGehee)


On this episode, Tom McGehee shares how the Halftime Institute is equipping leaders to move from success to significance in their leadership journeys.

Tom McGehee had the privilege of working with Bob Buford and Lloyd Reeb to help launch the Halftime Institute, which has been equipping leaders for the past 20 years. He is currently the Co-Executive of Halftime. 

Tom began his career by serving in the Marines for 12 years. During his service, Tom commanded two Special Operations Capable Units and served at the Marine Barracks, Washington DC.  

After the military, he served as a partner with Ernest and Young and launched his own company in 2001, focusing on strategy facilitation and collaborative work.  

Tom’s work extends to over 25 countries and has carried him from some of the biggest boardrooms to some of the world’s most innovative churches.  

He attended Auburn University, where he met his wife, Elaine. They live in the Dallas area with their three children and ten grandchildren. 

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