Fearless, Faithful, and Faultless in the Workplace (Interview w/ Stephen McAlpine)


On this episode, Stephen McAlpine shares Daniel’s strategy for standing for God in today’s spiritually hostile workplace: fearlessness, faithfulness, and faultlessness.

Stephen McAlpine is an author, blogger, and speaker who has worked in pastoral ministry in local churches for three decades in Australia. He has been involved in planting churches and has a keen interest in helping Christians navigate the world of work in an increasingly post-Christian context.

He is a National Communicator for Third Space, an evangelistic endeavor in Australia established by workplace ministry City Bible Forum. His current role includes helping faith-based schools navigate the sexuality and gender debates, in terms of their pastoral and employment implications. His book, Being the Bad Guys: How to Live For Jesus In a World That Says You Shouldn’t, was Australian Christian Book of the Year 2021.

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